NJGIN Map Access

This map will soon be discontinued and boydsmaps.com will phase out all downloadable maps during 2021. They offer a poor experience on Garmin devices due to restrictions the company has placed on their “custom map” format which constrains them to only one zoom level of limited size. And Mobile Atlas Creator/Java installation is just too difficult and problematic. To use your Android phone or iPhone as a GPS with Boyd’s Maps (and more), install the free boydsmaps web app, currently available in beta. Just go to mobile.boydsmaps.com on your phone to get started!

Directly access terabytes of aerial imagery on the servers of the New Jersey Geographic Information Network. This package is all you need to browse and download maps from NJGIN’s archives with Mobile Atlas Creator (a free open source application for Windows, Macintosh and Linux). Export anything you see to your Garmin or Magellan handheld GPS and over two dozen Android, iOS, Windows, Macintosh and Linux apps.

Installation is easy – just drag the files to a folder on your computer. An all-new 48 page tutorial is included; it’s written for beginners and will walk your through each step of installing the software and using NJGIN imagery on any device.  A total of 18 mapsources are included – see the examples below. Explore the wealth of imagery available at no charge from the State of New Jersey!

No map data included in this download, just the configuration files (mapsources) needed for internet access to NJGIN’s huge collection of high resolution imagery. boydsmaps.com is not affiliated with NJGIN.


Read the NJGIN Map Access documentation


The Mobile Atlas Creator tutorial included in this download is old. The new 62-page version has better installation instructions, more app tutorials and other improvements! Click here for Boyd’s new Mobile Atlas Creator Tutorial (revised 3-14-19)


Download the NJGIN Map Access packageFile size: 14.6 mb


Download the NJGIN Map Access packageFile size: 14.6 mb