New York City and Long Island 2017 Orthoimagery

2017 aerial imagery covering New York City and Long Island at three foot per pixel resolution (level 17) from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP). The original imagery was filmed by the USDA-FSA Aerial Photography Field Office during the growing season. It was originally captured in 20,000 pixel strips from twin engine turboprop aircraft flying at an altitude of approximately 16,500 feet above mean terrain and it has a horizontal accuracy of plus or minus five meters. 

This map is provided in a universal format that uses Mobile Atlas Creator, a free open source program running on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers. Mobile Atlas Creator allows you to select any portion of the map and export it to your favorite iOS and Android apps, desktop software, Garmin handheld GPS devices and more. An included tutorial, written for beginners, will walk you through each step of installing and using the software.




• Read the New York City and Long Island 2017 Orthoimagery documentation

• Read the Mobile Atlas Creator tutorial



Download the NYC and Long Island 2017 - downloaded 61 times - 7 GB


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