LIDAR in the Pines SD

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A new LIDAR based map of Southern New Jersey, converted to Garmin’s traditional .img file format using the author’s all-new technique. This map is a lower resolution version of LIDAR in the Pines HD for use with Garmin’s free Basecamp software on Windows or Mac computers. USGS 1/9 arc-second DEM data was rendered with a custom shader to enhance detail in the flat terrain, then converted to a special palette of 81 colors for Garmin’s map format. 

This is the first of a series of maps based on the author’s newdigital model of Southern New Jerseythat covers the region with over 60 million grid cells, each representing 48ft x 48ft (15m x 15m) on the ground. The model can depict any type of imagery by simply changing the colors of the grid cells, and each cell can also contain additional data, such as the spot elevations on this map.

The unique way this map was created places a heavy demand on a GPS device. It has been road-tested extensively on a DriveSmart 61, however it did not work properly on an older unit. Technically, it is compatible with all Garmin devices, however it is only recommended for the newest automotive models. 

But you’ll still find it useful on the computer even if you don’t have a compatible GPS unit. It should be of special interest to Garmin users who are reluctant to adopt the Mobile Atlas Creator software used for other maps on this site – you get real LIDAR imagery for Basecamp with one-click installation in a download of less than 400 MB instead of the 15 GB download for LIDAR in the Pines HD. And it even works in Mapsource (Garmin’s older software).

Three separate downloads are available. The Windows version includes a custom installer and the Macintosh version uses Garmin MapManager for easy installation. The third version provides a map file for simple drag and drop installation on your GPS device. Full documentation is included with each version.

Read the documentation for the Windows version

Read the documentation for the Macintosh version

Read the documentation for the map file version











Download LIDAR in the Pines SD for WindowsFile size: 389.6 mb


Download LIDAR in the Pines SD for MacintoshFile size: 389.5 mb


Download the LIDAR in the Pines SD map fileFile size: 385.3 mb