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No roads, no hydro, no aerial photography…  Just LIDAR.

1/9 arc second DEM (Digital Elevation Model) from the National Elevation Dataset, rendered with vertical exaggeration and atlas shading to bring out details that are not usually seen  in the flat Pinelands terrain. Covers all of Southern New Jersey at 12 feet per pixel (map scale of approximately 1:12000).

This universal format map uses Mobile Atlas Creator, a free open source program compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux. Export any portion of the map to your favorite iOS or Android app, computer program or handheld GPS. A 28 page Mobile Atlas Creator tutorial will show you how.





• Read the Just LIDAR documentation

• Read the Mobile Atlas Creator Tutorial


Garmin Basecamp for Windows


Mobile Atlas Creator for Macintosh


Magellan VantagePoint for Windows


Vectorial Map for Macintosh


Guru (formerly Galileo) Maps for Android



Note: The Mobile Atlas Creator tutorial included in this download is old. The new 62-page version has better installation instructions, more app tutorials and other improvements! Click here for Boyd’s new Mobile Atlas Creator Tutorial (revised 3-14-19)


Download Just LIDARFile size: 1.16 gb



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