Boyd’s Visual Map of the Mid Atlantic

Aerial imagery for your Garmin automotive device, processed with the author’s special technique. Covers parts of New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Rhode Island, including New York City, Long Island and Philadelphia.

Fully compatible with Garmin Basecamp on Windows and Macintosh, also works with Garmin’s older Mapsource software for Windows.

Original 2017 imagery from the USDA National Agriculture Imagery Program was exported at 96 feet per pixel with a custom 81 color palette. The map is a grid of 96 X 74 foot rectangles that match the pixel dimensions of the imagery. Each rectangle is assigned one of Garmin’s 81 polygon types to correspond with its palette color. The entire map contains  more than 80 million of these small rectangles overlaid with roads and cities in standard Garmin format.

The 96 foot resolution and 81 color palette tend to limit the amount of detail that can be seen, but this map really pushes what is possible with Garmin’s traditional map format (which was never intended to support this kind of imagery). 


This map works best on newer Garmin automotive devices. Older models should display it correctly but performance may be unacceptably slow. During testing, it worked best on the DriveSmart 61, a current premium model (originally introduced in 2017). Performance was also good on the Dezl 760 (a 2013 model). Screenshots from other devices are shown for reference, but they did not perform nearly as well.

Please see the documentation for more information on compatibility and performance. Although it should be compatible with newer Garmin handheld units, this map is primarily intended for automotive devices with large screens. 

Even if the map doesn’t work well on your GPS, you may still find it useful in Basecamp on your computer. It should also be of interest to users of Garmin Mapsource, since this older software does not normally support aerial imagery.

This map is available as separate downloads for Windows and Macintosh computers. A third download for Linux users only includes the GPS map file itself (there is no native Linux software for Garmin maps).

• Read the documentation for the Windows version

• Read the documentation for the Macintosh version

• Read the documentation for the map file-only version







Switching your device to Night Mode renders the map with a special high contrast pallete. Try Night Mode during the day; it can enhance detail.

Download Boyds Visual Map of the Mid Atlantic for WindowsFile size: 695.4 mb

Download Boyds Visual Map of the Mid Atlantic for MacintoshFile size: 695.2 mb

Download the Boyds Visual Map of the Mid Atlantic FileFile size: 695.1 mb