Boyd’s Map of New Jersey 2018

This highly detailed map of New Jersey and surrounding states is compatible with all Garmin GPS devices and software. It is a major update to Boyd’s Map of New Jersey 2012 which has been a popular download at It also replaces Boyd’s Core of the Pines from 2015, which contained some major errors and used less accurate data.

This is a vector based map in Garmin’s proprietary .img file format, unlike the universal format raster based maps on this site. The advantage is that it’s compatible with all Garmin GPS devices, including older handhelds like the GPSMap 60csx and automotive models such as the Nuvi. Vector based maps are also more compact and only 135MB of storage space is required for the entire coverage area. But it is only compatible with Garmin’s dedicated GPS units and desktop software, it cannot be used on phones or tablets.

This map includes the same pinelands roads, trails and buildings as Boyd’s Map of the Pines HD. But it does not have the other special features of that map, such as HD contours, property lines, historical features or improved openspace boundaries. 

It cooperates with Garmin City Navigator if enabled; you can display the topo map on the screen while using the usual search and routing features on your automotive device. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are numerous reports that the current Windows version of Garmin’s software (Basecamp 4.7.0 and MapInstall 4.2.0 released in May 2018) cannot properly send  maps from your computer to your GPS. The file transfer appears to complete properly, but the map does not work on the GPS. It is not clear whether the Macintosh versions have this same bug. The easiest fix for this problem is to download either the Windows or Macintosh version of the map if you want to use it on your computer. Then download the file-only version of the map for your GPS. This will give you a pre-compiled map that you simply copy to the GPS, thereby avoiding any use of MapInstall.

Update 7/27/2019: It’s now my understanding that the Basecamp/MapInstall issue described above only affects maps that were made in Garmin’s old registry format. These maps rely on the Windows registry and aren’t compatible with the Macintosh, but are still widely distributed on sites like I stopped creating registry maps many years ago and have urged others to do so (with little success). Although I haven’t tested it, I suspect this map will work fine with any version of Basecamp/MapInstall on both Mac’s and PC’s.

Three separate downloads are available. The map is exactly the same for each version, the only difference is the installation procedure.

• A Windows version that installs the map for use in Garmin Basecamp, MapInstall and Mapsource.

• A Macintosh version that installs the map for use in Garmin Basecamp, MapInstall and MapManager.

•A map file to copy directly to your GPS device. This version may be used on Linux since Garmin does not support that operating system. To the best of my knowledge, there is no native Linux software for viewing and managing Garmin maps.

• Read the documentation for the Windows version

• Read the documentation for the Macintosh version

• Read the documentation for the map file-only version











Download Boyds Map of NJ 2018 for WindowsFilesize: 105 mb


Download Boyds Map of NJ 2018 for MacintoshFile size: 105 mb


Download the Boyds Map of NJ 2018 map fileFile size: 105 mb


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