Boyd’s Landscape of New Jersey 2007

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Aerial imagery for your Garmin Nuvi? This map uses New Jersey 2007 landcover data to mimic the look of aerial photography on recent Garmin automotive devices. 2007 aerial imagery was sampled every 100 feet and the most prevalent color was applied to each landcover polygon in the map, working within the limitations of Garmin’s traditional .img file format. The map consists solely of polygons with no line or point features. This makes it behave like raster imagery as you zoom in and out. Of course it lacks the detail of real aerial imagery, but it’s only about 80mb. Real imagery is not compatible with the Nuvi, but it would be about 10gb at a resolution of 6ft/pixel (or over 500gb at full resolution).

Although it is technically compatible with all Garmin devices, the quality will be poor on older models and handhelds due to the way they render polygons. With the Nuvi 3700 series in 2010, Garmin introduced a new rendering engine that treats the map like a three dimensional model. This new system was later used across the Nuvi “Prestige” series which included the Nuvi 3490, 3590, 3597 and NuviCam. It is also confirmed to work on the Dezl 760 and should work on the Zumo 595. Unfortunately I’m not certain which other models will work properly, but if your device has a 3d browser that lets you rotate and tilt the map, it’s probably compatible.

This map is sort of an experimental “art project” so it probably has few practical uses. But it’s just cool to see something that looks like aerial imagery on a Nuvi.  It also works well in Garmin’s Basecamp and Mapsource software. On the road, enable City Navigator at the same time and you can use the normal search and routing features of your automotive device while viewing the map on your screen. Hill shading will appear on the map when 3d terrain is enabled on compatible devices. Due to the very high density of polygons, this map can really slow down the GPS if you zoom out too far, so use it with care! If you push it too far your device will freeze or just shutdown…

Separate downloads are provided for installation on Windows and Macintosh computers. A third version for Linux users  just includes the map file for direct copy to your gps device .

• Read the documentation for the Windows version

• Read the documentation for the Macintosh version

• Read the documentation for the map file-only version






Download Boyd's Landscape of NJ 2007 for WindowsFile size: 83 mb


Download Boyd's Landscape of NJ 2007 for MacintoshFile size: 82.6 mb


Download the Boyd's Landscape of NJ 2007 Map FileFile size: 82.2 mb