1949 in the Pines

This map will soon be discontinued and boydsmaps.com will phase out all downloadable maps during 2021. They offer a poor experience on Garmin devices due to restrictions the company has placed on their “custom map” format which constrains them to only one zoom level of limited size. And Mobile Atlas Creator/Java installation is just too difficult and problematic. To use your Android phone or iPhone as a GPS with this map (and more), install the free boydsmaps web app, currently available in beta. Just go to mobile.boydsmaps.com on your phone to get started.


Originally introduced in 2015 as “The Pines in the 1940’s” , this collection of 29 historical topographic maps is now available in a universal format for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS and handheld GPS units. They were drawn at the same 1:62,500 scale as the older 19th century topos but had a more modern style that included forest shading, buildings and other features. By the early 1950’s the new 1:24,000 scale (24k) topos began replacing these older, less accurate maps.

The free open source Mobile Atlas Creator program is used to view the map on your computer and export it to your favorite mobile apps, desktop software and dedicated gps units. A detailed tutorial will get you up and running quickly.










• Read the documentation for 1949 in the Pines

• Read the Mobile Atlas Creator tutorial



While the style of these older 1:62,500 scale maps is similar to the newer 24k USGS topo’s, they were substantially less detailed. 


Mobile Atlas Creator for Windows


Garmin Basecamp for Macintosh


Magellan VantagePoint for Windows


CompeGPS Land for Windows


Guru (formerly Galileo) Maps for Android


TwoNav for iOS


Note: The Mobile Atlas Creator tutorial included in this download is old. The new 62-page version has better installation instructions, more app tutorials and other improvements! Click here for Boyd’s new Mobile Atlas Creator Tutorial (revised 3-14-19)


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