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Use the free open source Mobile Atlas Creator program to send maps to your favorite iOS or Android apps. Also compatible with your Garmin handheld or Magellan Triton GPS and they work with popular desktop mapping software too. All downloads include an illustrated tutorial that shows you how to use the map the way you want.


Boyd’s Map of the Pines HD

Topographic Map of Southern New Jersey with portions of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Extreme 1:3000 detail for the New Jersey Pinelands with  property lines, buildings, historical features, powerlines, stream gaging stations, benchmarks,  two foot contours and more. (905 downloads)



Parcels in the Pines

Tax parcel and property ownership data along with hydrography, structures and public openspace for the Pinelands National Reserve in Southern New Jersey. (20 downloads)




LIDAR in the Pines Classic

2008 aerial imagery mapped onto 1/9 arc second (3 meter) DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data using vertical exaggeration to bring out details of the flat Southern New Jersey terrain. This 2015 map is now available in either Garmin Custom Map or universal Mobile Atlas Creator format. (100 downloads)



LIDAR in the Pines 2017

An update to the original LIDAR in the Pines Classic featuring 2012 aerial imagery and paved roads with route numbers. (24 downloads)





Vertically exaggerated 1/9 arc-second (3 meter) LIDAR Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from the USGS National Elevation Dataset, rendered with colorful atlas shading (3 downloads)



1899 in the Pines

Seamless map of Southern New Jersey from the end of the nineteenth century, created from twenty nine 1:62500 scale USGS Historical Topographic Maps. Originally released in 2015 as “Beck’s Map of the Pines” and now available in a universal format. (58 downloads)



1949 in the Pines

Seamless map of Southern New Jersey from the middle of the 20th century, created from twenty nine 1:62500 scale USGS Historical Topographic Maps. These were drawn at the same scale as the 19th century topo maps but had a style that was closer to the newer 24k topos. (30 downloads)



1999 in the Pines 

Seamless map of Southern New Jersey from high quality scans of ninety four 7.5 minute quadrangles from the USGS Historical Topographic Map Collection. These are the final versions of the classic USGS 24k topo maps that were discontinued in 1999 but are still considered the “gold standard” by many. (28 downloads)


Boyd’s Map of New Jersey 2018 

This Garmin-compatible topo map covers all of New Jersey  with portions of neighboring states, including New York City and Philadelphia. Compatible with all Garmin GPS devices, even older models and automotive devices. Use it on your computer with Basecamp and Mapsource. This map is only compatible Garmin GPS units and does not work with smartphone apps. (14 Windows / 5 Mac / 5 Linux downloads)

Boyd’s Landscape of New Jersey 2007

A Garmin-compatible map for your Nuvi that mimics aerial photography. Originally created as an experiment with the author’s custom software, it consists of 2007 landcover polygons with colors sampled from aerial imagery. Compatible with Mapsource, Basecamp and selected  automotive devices. Not compatible with smartphone apps.   (3 Windows / 2 Mac / 4 Linux downloads)



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